Friday, 27 May 2016

April's Happy Paper Club Unboxing

So here I am again with the next unboxing of the Happy Paper Club!
This is April's box.

So here are some close ups of the items:

 This is the full contents to start with:

This is the quote this month.
"If you don't like how things are, change it.  You're not a tree"
This is a very good quote for me this month actually.  I'm toying with various things in my life and there are definitely areas which I would like to change, so this quote is very fitting right now for me!  

The greeting card this month
I have to be honest I don't like this one.  I make cards so don't really have a need for cards like this.  But to be honest I just don't like the glass.  But it will still more than likely find it's way to a new home as I don't make many male cards.  

All of the packaging comes with a sticker like this.  So they are good for the environment.  I've popped them into our compost bin, but we shall see how well they biodegrade.  

 Cool pencil!  
I love writing in pencil so this will definitely get used plenty.  
Lovely little quote on it too,
"Live Happy Your Way"

Lastly is the menu planner pad. 
This I absolutely LOVE! 
I regularly plan meals and have tried doing this in many different ways.  This will be handy to jot down ideas for meals and do a shopping list which I can rip off the bottom and take with me (if I'm not doing online shopping).  

 So I'm happy with this month's box!
It will all go to good use, in fact I used the menu planner pad and pencil this morning to sort out our weekly meals and shopping!

I have been considering joining the travelling postcard phase, so I can use the postcards for that.  Or alternatively in my creative work either mixed media or card making. 

Disclaimer: I have purchased this with my own money, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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