Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cloudy Cow Bundle

I decided on a whim to purchase a Cloudy Cow Bundle.  
These are not subscription boxes.  They are a surprise stationery bundle worth at least £10.  

They cost £10 plus postage and packaging, which in my case was £2.50 (UK); so £12.50 in total. Please note I have purchased this with my own money, and all views are 100% my own. 

It came in a box which fits through the letterbox, ideal so you don't have to be in or go and fetch it from a post office.  The goodies are wrapped in yellow tissue paper, which I will recycle into a mixed media project at some point in the future.  

Inside the bundle is a nice welcome note:

Inside I have two washi tapes.  There is one with feathers on which I love! The other is flowers but I'm not quite so keen on but feel I will still use it.  

Sticky notes, which to be honest I don't like.  However I'll pass these on to someone else who will use them.

A watermelon pencil case.  This I love the bright yellow colour, and have put some pens in it straight away! It is now in my bag and used daily.    

Four stickers which to be honest I do not like at all! These really are not my kind of thing.  So again these will go to a new home with someone who will love them and want to use them.  

A mustache pen, it reads 'Mr Flower Mustache is vintage'. 
This pen and writes really nicely and is black ink.  

These stickers I absolutely LOVE! These will be perfect for my planning, and I would like to know where to get them as I would definitely buy more of them! I'm usually a fan of colourful stickers, but these black and white ones really appeal to me! Very happy with these.  

Next we have some flower stickers.  Again these will be useful for my planning, but also card making.  

Here is everything together, there were also some die cut clouds from white paper and a Cloudy Cow card.  

Overall a good mixture of stationery items in this bundle.
As I've said some are not to my personal taste, but will be to other people.  So I will happily pass these on to someone who will like them, so they are likely to go into my giveaway which I'm in the process of putting together at the moment. 
I like the majority of the items in this bundle and have already started using several of them.  I think it is highly likely I will buy another bundle in the future.  I personally feel it is worth the money spent (£12.50) even with the items I am passing on to another home. 

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