Monday, 25 April 2016

March Happy Plaper Club Unboxing

So I decided to try some new things this year.  I've decided to start a new blog, this will continue my card making and mixed media projects.  When I'm back up and running with those I will be back on my design teams again.
I'm also planning to do more posts such as Plan With Me, Subscription Boxes, Hauls and anything else I happen to find along the way!

So my first venture was decided after watching many youtube 'unboxing' videos.  These are for various different companies with mixed reactions.  I like the idea of receiving something as a surprise, but it is also quite worrying that you spend money and possibly receive items that are of no use or you don't like.  So this is quite a scary venture for me, but something I wanted to try.

I started by searching for the different types of subscription boxes and focus on the ones that appealed to me.  I also wanted to look into costings and value for money.
 So after lots of researching and looking at previous unboxings of each subscription.
This all led me to The Happy Paper Club by The Green Gables.

This box appeals to me on a number of levels.  It is focusing on positivity, which is something I always try to do.  The idea of positivity through stationery really appeals and I am a bit of a stationery horder!
 So I signed up and received March's box.  It has taken a little while to be able to photograph and post on here, as I had originally planned on doing an unboxing video but found I didn't have enough time so decided on just a blog post instead.  

So without further ado, here are the contents of the box:

 First impressions were good, a nicely wrapped up package. The box fits through a normal sized letter box so you receive it straight away through the post regardless of whether you are at home or not. 

So here is the information and message from Gabrielle that comes in the pack. 

 My understanding is that a company with a similar positive outlook teams up with The Green Gables for each box.  March's was Suzy D, and this is the information about her:   

Firstly item I saw was this coaster.  I love it! I needed a new one for my craft room anyway, so I can use it straight away.  I love the positive message on it too (which is the purpose of these boxes!).  

Next a card saying best wishes with a bicycle.  I don't tend to buy cards as I make them, so I will need to find a use for the cards in each box.  This personally isn't to my taste. 

I really like quotes on cards.  They can be put up on the craftroom wall to encourage, or anywhere in the house.  They can also be utilised in projects, such as my mixed media projects.
This one is simple and good. 

Next is a notebook with an ombre effect on all of the pages. 

I'm not too sure about the colour throughout the notebook, but it will be a nice change for me. I will be able to find a use for it, as I use lots of different notebooks and planners. 

There was also a cookbook in the box. 
It is a notebook of plain paper with measurement conversions on the front page. 
I personally would not use this for cooking, and would have think where I would use this.  However a notebook is always handy to have! I suppose I could use it for doodling or practising lettering. 

Some of the items came in clear plastic bags with this label on them.  I like the idea that they can be useful rather than just thrown away.  So in the compost bin they go, and we shall see how well they biodegrade.  

This being the first subscription box I have tried, I am quite happy with it.  I suppose in boxes like this there will always be items that you will love and want to use straight away, and others that maybe aren't to your taste and need more thought about what to do with.  But realistically I will be able to find a use for everything I receive, even if ultimately they are given to someone else to use.  
So I think for £10 this is a good box of items.  I plan on having a few of these boxes, so will do some more unboxings on the blog. 


Disclaimer: I have paid for this box with my own money.  All my opinions are 100% my own, and I will always give you my honest opinion on the item.

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